Here you’ll find recommended products mentioned in posts and stuff I love and use at the East Fork every day!

Kitchen Supplies

These are some of my favorite kitchen supplies! I use these products to create all the recipes on the East Fork Growing blog.

Grow Food

Seed Starting Supplies

These are the products I use to start seeds indoors. I especially love my new seed trays from All About the Garden. They are very sturdy and well built and will last for many years.

Pruning and Propagating Supplies

These are the products I use to prune fruit trees and raspberries, and get cuttings for propagation.

Grafting Supplies

I use this kit to graft apple trees. It works great!

Grafting Kit

Improve Soil

Weed barrier

I have been using this unbleached paper under my mulch for years and years. It is unbleached, so there aren’t any harmful chemicals and it breaks down into your soil. This is a pretty big roll, so it has lasted several years for me. Simple roll this out over the soil surface, place a thick layer of compost over the top, and plant your seeds. Say goodbye to weeds!


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