Garden Journal and Planner: Keep Records For Success!

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I am so excited to offer this garden journal for sale here at East Fork Growing! It is available to ship anywhere in the USA. I have used various garden journals over the years, but none of them have had everything I want. So I made my own garden journal!

spiral bound garden journal

I always think I will remember my successes and failures, but the truth is I just don’t! The only way to improve your garden each year is to keep track of what went right and what went wrong by writing it down.

Beginner gardeners take it from me: keep detailed records so you don’t make the same mistakes twice!

While there are mobile apps and electronic journals, I prefer a hard copy journal. Call me old school, but there’s something about holding a journal in my hand and writing in it that connects me to simpler times.

This journal and garden planner contains helpful record keeping and planning records on over 65 pages! This journal is spiral bound to lie flat and designed for ease of use and efficiency. It includes simple pages with room for notes and ideas for next year’s garden.

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Get yours today and level-up your garden game. At only $29.99 + tax and free shipping, this powerful tool is a steal of a deal!

There are a limited number of hard copy garden journals available, so make sure you order yours before we run out. This simple journal is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

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What’s inside the Garden Journal?

This garden planner and journal includes over 65 helpful garden record keeping pages. Yearly detailed garden records will provide valuable information for every garden year that follows.

Garden Layout Grid

Garden layout pages with grids help you put your garden plans on paper. A big part of garden planning is understanding how much growing space you have and how many plants you can fit in that space. These blank garden grids are so useful for laying out your garden. Next year, you can glance at your layout from this year to make sure you are rotating crops to different areas of the garden.

Seasonal To Do Lists

There are many different tasks to complete throughout the growing season. The seasonal to do lists in this garden journal will help you organize your tasks by each time of year so nothing gets forgotten.

Year at a Glance

These pages help you start at a yearly level with monthly tasks and the subsequent pages help you break down those bigger tasks into monthly and daily tasks to reach your big goals.

Blank Monthly Calendars

The calendar pages in the garden journal are so helpful for planning seed starting dates for tomatoes and peppers, marking your last frost date, recording planting, blooming, and harvest dates, and so much more! Record your garden activities for the entire year.

Monthly Priorities and To Do Lists

Use these pages to write down your monthly priorities and make to do lists to reach those goals. Breaking down goals into actionable daily steps is the best way to reach those big garden dreams.

Plant Records

These plant log pages are my favorite part of the gardening journal. The chart format allows easy and consistent record keeping.

There have been several years when I go to plant seeds and I wish I remembered which specific variety I used last year that was so productive.

Now I can write down all the seed and plant information for each type of vegetable I am growing. This helps me know which of my most popular seed suppliers are performing well and which plant purchases were successful.

Now I keep records of where I bought the seed packets, which variety they are, dates of planting, transplanting, and blooming, and notes about harvest. This has become a valuable resource for each subsequent year.

Yearly Summary Notes

At the end of the growing season, it’s always a good idea to sit down and make some notes about what worked and what didn’t. Write down how the weather was this year, what you focused on and succeeded, and what crops suffered. These things are different every year, so it really helps to have records of each year’s gardening experiences.

Extra Notes Pages

Jotting down quick notes about weather events, disease or bug infestations, or particularly successful harvests will help you next year! Looking back at notes from the previous year will help you remember lessons learned. This journal has plenty of blank pages with lines for extra garden notes!

Why Use a Garden Journal?

Every vegetable gardener should have a garden journal. The most important thing that will make you a successful gardener is becoming a lifelong learner. Keeping garden records will help you continuously learn how to become a better gardener.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is important for disease resistance, soil nutrition, and insect resistance. Keeping records of where each type of vegetable was located in your garden space will help you decide where to put things next year.

Success and Failure

A successful garden depends on continuous learning from mistakes and mother nature! I always think I will remember what worked and what didn’t, but if I don’t write things down, the business of life gets the best of me and I don’t remember! Don’t make the same mistakes twice!

Remembering Favorites

Keeping detailed records of which vegetable varieties worked well in your garden is a great way to create consistent garden results. Write down which vegetables thrived in your garden so you can use the same seed packets next year!

Remembering Garden Tricks that Worked

Records of mulching, watering schedules, weeding methods, and pruning will help you remember what worked and what didn’t. If you had a particularly productive garden because of some garden practice, you’ll want to remember how you did that next year. Don’t rely on your memory! Write it down!

Setting Goals and Priorities

The best way to achieve your garden dreams is to set goals, and then make actionable steps to achieve those goals. This garden journal will help record important information, and set goals and take steps to get to them in an organized way. Your journal entries will get you that much closer to the garden you desire.

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