Best Gardening Gifts for Mom: Gift Ideas

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Does your mom have a green thumb? Does she have a beautiful outdoor space? I’ve gathered up all the best gardening gifts to give you plenty of great ideas that will make mom smile! Show her your love by celebrating her favorite hobby with this gift guide.

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You can put together a perfect gift to help mom with seed starting, get her outfitted with the gear she needs to make gardening more enjoyable, or find her some tools that make gardening work more efficient.

Give her a thoughtful gift and something she will use for a long time. Any plant lover would love these as Mother’s Day garden gifts, birthday gifts, or Christmas.

Gardening Gear

Below are 6 perfect gardening gift ideas that mom will love!

Keep mom protected from the sun with the ponytail sun hat, garden overalls, and SPF shirt. This hat is my favorite! It keeps the sun off your face and neck, and the best part is the ponytail hole in the back! Your hair is off your neck too!

With all the bending and moving, overalls are my go-to garden attire. These ones are durable and won’t wear through on the knees with all the weed pulling and planting.

Mom will love the garden boots. I have them in green and they are durable, sturdy, and keep my feet dry on rainy days, and are also great for mud.

The new gardening gloves are sturdy and great for pruning raspberry bushes, weeding, or using a shovel. With all the cute prints, they are the perfect present for your mom.

The garden apron is so handy for holding tools and garden produce. Help mom keep everything right at her fingertips!

Gardening Tools

I have gathered my 10 most loved garden tools. Any of these would make a great gift for your mom!

The garden journal is a must have! Keeping records of garden successes and failures will help your mom improve her garden each year.

Pruners are an essential tool and great for fruit tree, tomato, and raspberry pruning.

The push-pull hoe is the ultimate gift. Weeding is so much easier when you can just glide this hoe over the surface of the soil and chop weeds with the sharp edge. It’s easily the most important tool in my garden shed. Save mom’s back by buying her one of these!

If you mom is into grafting fruit trees, this grafting kit has everything she needs to be successful.

The metal rake is a great tool for working in compost, raking leaves, or hilling potatoes!

The garden trowel and Hori Hori knife are just great all-around garden tools. Trust me, if your mom is a serious gardener, she will thank you if you buy her these.

Jute twine can be used to tie up tomatoes or mark rows. It’s one of those things every gardener has in their tool kit.

This trellis netting is great for growing green beans, peas, cucumbers, and squash. It’s easy to set up with a few metal t-posts and some zip ties.

Seed Starting Supplies

If your mom likes to start seeds indoors, these are the essential items she needs to make her indoor plants. These are all products that I use at the East Fork to start tomatoes and peppers.

My all-time favorite thing on the list are the seed trays. They are very sturdy and have large drainage holes that facilitate strong roots. Your mom will love them, I’m sure.

I hope you found some great ideas for your garden lover mom. As an avid gardener myself, I know I would be happy to receive these gifts on Mother’s Day, my birthday, or for Christmas. These ideas are the perfect way to honor your mom on her special day.

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  1. I have been looking for cute leather gardening gloves everywhere! You would think they would be easier to find, but no! These are just what I need. Great suggestion!

  2. My parents have a lovely garden and these are wonderful gift ideas for mom or for anytime I need to buy either one of them a gift. Thanks

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