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The best way to improve your garden each year is to keep records! A good garden diary will help you remember what techniques proved successful in your garden. It is definitely worth your time to record garden records each year.

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This FREE printable garden diary with plant records pages will allow you to record information for each individual plant in your garden. Record which seeds and transplants were the most productive and set next’s years garden up for success from the beginning.

Whether you are a new gardener or a master gardener, this garden diary will work great for you!

Why Keep a Garden Diary?

It is definitely worth your time to keep garden records every year. I always think I will remember which tomato varieties did well last year, which watering regime worked, and what day I planted the peas, but the truth is I just don’t remember!

A successful garden relies on continual learning and a gardening journal is a powerful tool to make you a successful vegetable gardener. The most important thing that will help you improve each year is to learn from your past gardening experiences.

We are all busy and our brains can only store so much information. Make it easier on yourself by writing down all the valuable information in a garden diary. Trust me, your next-year self will thank you!

If you have friends that also keep a garden diary, you can exchange advice and lessons learned each year. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a yearly gardening diary information exchange reviewing previous years’ plans and successes?

Get your FREE Printable Garden Diary Now!

What is included in the FREE Printable Garden Diary?

This FREE printable garden diary includes garden layout grid pages, a yearly calendar for high level notes, and detailed individual plant records and notes pages. You can easily print out a hard copy, punch them with a three-hole punch, and put them in a small binder. Make your own garden journal using the free download!

Garden Diary Contents

Garden Layout Records

It’s a good idea to keep track of where you planted different plants in your vegetable beds. This will allow you to rotate your crops next year to avoid common diseases and pests. For some plants like onions and garlic, it’s best practice to not plant them in the same area for 2-3 years. Keeping a garden diary each year will help you know where you should be planting each vegetable to avoid problems.

You can use these pages to make garden plans for this year, and record plant locations to inform next year’s garden layout. Find your perfect layout using this garden diary!

These garden layout pages will work for a square foot garden layout, or a garden using traditional row planting. There are multiple layout pages for each of your garden beds.

Yearly Calendar

This garden diary includes year-at-a-glance calendar pages to record important dates and quick notes about important planting, weather, or harvesting events that you want to remember for next year.

Record essential tasks and dates on these pages so you don’t forget anything. For each time of year you can write down important dates and events. Look over the entire year at once to get the big picture view.

Plant Log Pages

You will be so happy that you took the time to fill out these plant record pages! With planting, germination, and bloom dates you will be able to compare next year to see if you are on track. The chart format is easy to fill out and compare to individual plants next year.

Record seed sources and varieties from your seed packets so you can track your success and make each year’s garden better than the last. Identify your most popular seed suppliers by measuring productivity and success for each seed source you use.

Write down which season extenders worked well, which row covers and new plants were successful, and how productive was your herb garden.

Blank pages are included with each plant record so you can make notes throughout the growing season about weather events, pest or disease outbreaks, and watering regimes that worked.

Want a Garden Diary that is already Printed and Bound?

The East Fork Garden Journal includes all the features of this FREE download, with additional monthly calendar pages, yearly notes pages, and much more! It is spiral bound and comes to you with free shipping. If you don’t want to hassle with printing and binding yourself, click below to grab one of these limited deluxe East Fork garden journals!

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  1. Keeping record is so worth it. I didn’t for many years until suddenly I was gardening at the community garden and lots of bugs were eating everything! This is a perfect free printable for your garden journal. Now aim back to gardening at home, and I keep a new notebook every year now.

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